Dr. Paul Withey
Department Head,
Chemistry and Physics

Welcome from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics! We are excited about what is happening in our department and continue to be blessed with high quality students and faculty.

Opportunities abound for Northwestern chemistry and physics majors to be involved in significant research projects working closely with faculty. Many of our students are recipients of JOVE research scholarships, receiving a stipend and college credit to be involved in undergraduate research while completing their chemistry or physics degrees.

Two of our faculty are founding members of an interdisciplinary research group known as IDEAS. Their research bridges the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. Recently this group hosted a very successful International Symposium on Interdisciplinary Science (ISIS) here on the Northwestern campus. Participants involved recognized leaders in interdisciplinary scientific research from across the US and from other countries including Canada, France, and Germany. The keynote speaker was Physics Nobel Laureate Dr. Murray Gell-Mann.

Our Chemistry and Physics faculty at Northwestern are involved in many research endeavors including the areas of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemistry education, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical physics, astrophysics, theoretical physics, modeling, and fiber optics. Each faculty member welcomes student involvement in their research.

Student-led organizations in chemistry (ACS – American Chemical Society Student Affiliate) and in physics (SPS – Society of Physics Students) do an outstanding job in outreach, recruiting and fundraising activities. Many chemistry and physics majors attend and make presentations at local and national meetings each year.

Recent alumni of the department have received or are pursuing M.S., Ph.D., or M.D. degrees at institutions such as M.D. Anderson Hospital, LSU Medical Center, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, South Carolina, Ohio State, Tulane, and UL-Lafayette. Employers of recent alumni include Kodak, Albemarle Corp., Center for Advanced Microstructures, the Peace Corps, and others.

If you are a prospective student I encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer. We have friendly, approachable faculty willing to assist you in meeting your career endeavors. Our degree programs are considered by graduates to be highly effective. Come for a visit to Fournet Hall and see what we’re all about!

If you are an alumnus of NSU with a degree in chemistry, geology, or physics we would like to hear from you!